Wednesday, July 18, 2012

See U Again

Assalamualaikum and hye kawan-kawanku yang comel loteee semua :)

Firstly Alhamdulillah I have completed my single engine phase. every morning n everytime I walked out from my hostel . I will look up at the sky , see the clouds , try to judge the wind by seeing the waving trees either headwind , tailwind , crosswinds or no winds .. if the wind is too strong the solo cadet will not be cleared for their solo sorties. yeahh ! absolutely .

It is a good news for us if the sky is blue with friendly calm and  normal condition .We got the chances to full the throttle and hit the sky happily. yes absolutely we are happy because we believe that flying is our blood. looks like we are nothing without flying ..

Bring it to our first aim !

11 July 2012. 9pm
    I have  shutting down my callsign KISTAA 312 after my smooth  landing for last solo night flying . yeah ! u guess what ? my tears flow out coz i'm so sad with overwhelmed happily .
I said : " this will be my last sortie for night flying and also my last flying for solo(single engine) then i will going for my CPL test tomorrow .then ma'am thanks for everything . good day n good night ! "
ma'am (kaq farah n kak unknown ) said : "welcome and goodluck dear. good day ~"(then makin laju laa airmata aku keluar..sebak sebak )

12July 2012, 12 pm
     The day for CPL test .. i'm going nervous. but still under control. Relax myself because i don't want the last bad moment coming thru again. Nervous have killed me ! (ingat ye peeps dun get nervous because it will killing u, believe me) .
      Then i'm going for CPL test.. cool ~ .safely landed .then  waiting for the result..Next me and my only batchmate Idel Shukry went for the debrief by examiner. 'time tu muka semua cuak tak tahu pass ke tak' .Luckily. Alhamdulillah we were pass !!!! Aminn Ya Rabbl Alamin. :)

13July2012, 11.45 am
    Me n idel treat " them " KFC ! 'tu je laa yang kami mampu' =,,= Alhamdulillah cukup. ! everybody got to eat. thanks to u all coz sudi makan.
    in evening after friday prayer. me n idel went to see examiner to settle our form. then doneee !

14 July 2012
    Our holiday began !!!! we were gave holiday for two weeks . me n idel of course happy !! yahooo ! *excited jap.*

Let me share some pictures since we are in SE  ...
yeah me with 9M-APY i guess 

mutual with my only batchmate, Idel Shukry

what i am doing when going for solo or mutual.
snap snap snap n snapping !

4miles final 

I love this one 9M-APW

ok ! nak promote jap. nie laaaa..
DUNGUN ! kampungku ..




  1. eh eh.. first time adik doctor comment kat entry kiterr..
    hehe.. insyaAllah one day kiter bwak fly camnie2 yer.. amin:)


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