Wednesday, March 19, 2014

we are waiting for your return #MH370

Assalamualaikum .

it's been almost 2 weeks MH370 missing . still been under investigation on what actually happened on it . and within this period there are so many speculations by public people. they have said that the plane was been hijacked, crash landing , been bombed and so on. and there also some negative speculations been pointing to air crew and passenger. i dun know what else to say but it's so sad how could we people did thse. we should not pointing to each other. we should have cooperation and pray for the safety of them. may them safe . And dun make any speculations and create ur own ideas on this case till there has been official news from authorities. Also don't blame anybody either the captain, co-pilot , cabin crew , passenger , ground crew, or authorites and so on. Everything happens for a reason. Mungkin Allah s.w.t sedang menguji kita. Think positive .

Been a captain is not an easy task, all lives depending oh him / her. During training we have been well- trained to make a wise decision on watever happened. And the most important is always make passenger's safety as priority.

it's such a big lost for our country Malaysia. Anyway, watever happen we need to "redha " . please pray for their safety. hopefully they will come home soon safely.

InsyaAllah, miracle do exist. tiada apa yang mustahil dengan izin-Nya
please come back, we people the whole world are waiting for u 

Dear MH370, B777,9M-MRO, 
We people the whole world are waiting for you.
come home soon , 
wherever you are , our prayers are for you ,
wherever airport you want to land, you will be given priority to land safely,
wherever you are , please be strong ,
wherever you are , hold on please ,
wherever you are ,the authorities will make sure to find you soon,
An the most important is ,
wherever you are , God will help you,
calm down people , hold on , you will come home soon.
InsyaAllah . 

sincerely from us,
Nor Akmal Amira Jamal and whole world people. 

ok guys let's hope for the best .

Assalamualaikum n have a nice day .


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