Thursday, May 03, 2012

first mutual flying .. with KISTAA 213 ~

Assalamualaikum readers :)

i'm already awake from sleep. how 's tired ....ermmm.

ok2 ! let's turn to my actual story .
Yesterday ,,i was going for my first sortie for mutual ,which means carry out instrument flying ..
then with my senior.. KISTAA 213 ,..

On ground , request for start up :
kistaa 312: terengganu ground , kistaa 312 on 121.6, good afternoon
terengganu ground: kistaa 312 terengganu ground, go ahead
kistaa 312: kistaa 312 request start up for VOR Yankee approach POB 02 endurance 0600H in 9M-APY copied information Hotel.
terengganu ground: clear start approved ,time check 0623 squawk 0304 .
kistaa 312: cleared start approved ,time check 0623, squawk 0304, kistaa 312.

then request taxi.:...
kistaa 312: kistaa 312 request taxi
terengganu ground: taxi initially holding point charlie,holding point charlie contact approach 123.6
kistaa 312: taxi initially holding point charlie,holding point contact approach 123.6 ,kistaa312

approaching charlie..
kistaa 312: terengganu approach,kistaa 312 approaching Charlie on 123.6,good afternooonn.
terengganu approach : good afternoon ,hold Charlie number 2
kistaa 312: hold Charlie number 2 kistaa 312.

after one aircraft departed ..
terengganu approach : Kistaa 312 line runway 04.
kistaa 312; line runway 04 kistaa 312.

Ready on line up !
kistaa 312: kistaa 312 ready on line up.
terengganu approach : initially east of KT town 1000ft right turn clear for take off
kistaa312: initially east of KT town 1000ft right turn clear for take off kistaa 312.

How's amazing for the first we were airborne 1000ft  from runway 04.. the proceed to the east of KT town... waiting for VOR Yankee approach in sequence number 2. then ape lagik ! we  did as well as everyone did when they were going for mutual ..CAPTURE ! CAPTURE ! CAPTURE ! n CAPTURE ! .. hahahaha..   

ok seee ! jeng jeng jeng !
kistaa 213, kistaa312 .*ok ! just nice *

after hold about half hour,3500ft ...
terengganu approach : kistaa 312 ,you are cleared for overhead VKR 3500ft, and report overhead.
kistaa 312: cleared for overhead VKR 3500ft, and will call again overhead kistaa 312...

then once we are overhead the beacon...
kistaa 312: kistaa 312 overhead VKR 3500ft,outbound +4( we r from east of KT town fro runway 04)
terengganu approach: clear for VOR yankee approach runway 04 report beacon outbound .
kistaa 312: clear for VOR Yankee approach runway 04 will call again beacon outbound kistaa 312.

Then after beacon outbound we were proceed for procedure turn ..after completed the procedure turn.we saw a huge cloud straight ahead of us.. n side of Batu Rakit training area is covering with cloud(awan nano nano nanooo nanoo nanoo) bad weather, the its starts raining with lightning .. then we requested  to land.

kistaa 312: kistaa 312 procedure turn complete intention to land.(jittering voice but still macho.=..=)
terengganu approach: call again 4 miles final.
kistaa 312 : will call gain 4miles final kistaa 312.

when we were about 7miles final, we were hit by updrughts, downdraughts, microburst windshear n such as thats... quite tough to control the aircraft. because the aircraft was exaggerated.. we experienced superduper high speed  about 120kts on cruising .increasing in Rate of Descent  but height still mantained 2000 ft. ,not increased nor decreased....
then Haizum,kistaa 213 ask me to mantain the power ,2300rpm , continue fly until we are exactly on final. so i'm followed  as her ask  coz she maybe has experienced this situation rite ?

Once we are 4miles final to land.. the runway is like nothing happens. clear of cloud n bad weather.. but on my left which is Batu Rakit was fully covered with cloud, as we called its as cumulonimbus .

cumulonimbus (awan nano) , around batu rakit 
kistaa 312: kistaa 312 4miles final to land..
terengganu approach: wind  03/08kts , runway 04 clear to land
kistaa 312: wind copied ,runway 04 clear to land kistaa 312.

cit citt citt..
Touchdown now ! hehehe... Alhamdulillah... :)

terengganu approach : kistaa 312 vacate via charlie for dispersal
kistaa312; vacate via charlie for dispersal kistaa 312.thank you ma'am ,assalamualaikum. :)
terengganu approach: waalaikumussalam.

At holding point charlie
 kistaa312: Terengganu ground ,this is kistaa312 on 121.6 request taxi for dispersal
terengganu ground: dispersal approved
kistaa 312: dispersal approved kistaa 312, thank you sir . good day ~

tetiba ,,,
terengganu ground: kistaa 312 confirm u visual _ _ _ _ at runway 04.
kistaa 312 : say again sir
terengganu ground: confirm u visual one kite at runway 04?
kistaa 312: negative sir ,kistaa 312.
terengganu ground: kistaa312

while taxiing to dispersal , still talked about what happened just now ! Alhamdulillah we were still alive kan ? .praise be to Allah, You still let us to live .. amin:)

btw while we were still on air , for the first we were quite nervous but then i'm laughed to cover my rumble ,and acted as nothing happened . hehehe =..=

merely expressions of ME , :)

good day ~~

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